3D Printing Pushes Forward Medical Developments

Medical Device Prototype for Cancer Developed by Potomac Photonics, Inc.

Medical Device Prototype for Cancer Developed by Potomac Photonics, Inc.

3D Printing is proving to be instrumental in advancing medical breakthroughs. This is partially due to the technology’s ability to rapid prototype new designs very quickly and economically. And in many cases, 3D Printing is the only way to make some parts.

Ivan Owen in Bellingham, Washington and Richard Van As in South Africa, have collaborated across continents to help Liam, a five-year-old South African boy who was born without fingers on his right hand. They developed a robotic hand that is open source, so that others can use their design.

Working with Jhpiego, a John’s Hopkins University affiliated Non-Government Organization for women’s health initiatives, Momo Scientific has developed The CryoPop, a low-cost medical device that uses dry ice for the treatment of cervical pre-cancerous lesions. It soon became clear to the researchers that 3D Printing was the only solution to making affordable prototypes. 3D Printing contract services provider, Potomac Photonics of Lanham, MD used a 3D Systems Corp. ProJet 3000Plus 3D Printer to make the entire part in one piece, improving strength. The parts have been used in R&D and trials, and the company hopes they will soon be used in practice.

While these are just a few examples of 3D Printing advancing medical breakthroughs, more are yet to come as 3D Printing becomes more mainstream.


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